Common Challenges Encountered

Retail supermarkets have encountered difficulties and challenges in terms of video surveillance, such as insufficient clarity of monitoring screens, unclear customer flow, lack of information related to cashiers, inability to obtain evidence for transaction disputes, and difficulties in pinpointing abnormal incidents during data backtracking.

High Customer Traffic

Retail supermarkets experience a high volume of customer footfall, making it challenging to monitor effectively.

Inadequate Video Resolution

Low-quality surveillance footage causes problems with observing details and capturing key information.

Difficulty in Management

The management system struggles to promptly locate anomalies when backtracking massive monitoring data.

Video Surveillance Solution for Retail Supermarkets

Solution & Benefits

Precise Monitoring

The fixed lens camera supports people counting functionality, facilitating analysis of customer traffic. The fisheye camera can display the density of foot traffic using color shades, which enables informed product adjustments in areas of high customer interest.

High-Resolution Video Quality

The 8MP camera captures finer details, which aids accurate monitoring and comprehensive event reconstruction. The 4K monitor provides real-time display of surveillance footage with enhanced clarity.

Convenient Management

The NVR system enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple locations on one screen, enhancing surveillance efficiency. The NVR can overlay video with POS transaction data, simplifying event tracking and evidence retrieval for transaction disputes.

Solution Support

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Solution & Benefits

High-definition display

4K ultra-clear display, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, and high touch sensitivity to meet the teacher's daily writing.

Excellent classroom experience

Through the 4K video all-in-one machine, remote students can also integrate into the classroom and enjoy fair and equal educational rights.

Convenient management

The audio and video all-in-one machine is a USB device, which only needs to be connected to the power supply, and there are basically no additional maintenance costs.