Common Challenges Encountered

With the popularity of online video, telecommuting, and online gaming, the original bandwidth of copper cable access can no longer meet the needs of users.

Rate Limitation

Upgrading to the latest VDSL2 line supports a maximum symmetrical bandwidth of 100Mbps within 300m, 30Mbps beyond 300m, and downgrades to ADSL2+ at 1.5km with 0.8Mbps upstream and 25Mbps downstream.

Network Stability Requirements

While meeting the networking requirements, the product should be minimally affected by environmental factors and be able to operate stably in extreme weather conditions.

Low Cost-Effectiveness

When using point-to-point Ethernet in fiber optic access networks, each household requires dedicated fibre optic lines, which incurs high capital investment and poses implementation challenges.

EPON Solution

Solution & Benefits

High Bandwidth

EPON network transmission speed has significantly increased, going from short-distance and low-speed to reaching 1.25G/1.25G within 20KM, fulfilling the greater bandwidth demands of end customers.

High Reliability and Security

Supports industrial operating temperature and adopts airtight TO packaging, can be used in edge computer rooms in different environments. The passive components in the ODN network can better resist lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference.

High Cost-effectiveness

Fibre optic raw materials are abundant and inexpensive. Supports transmission within a range of 20km, which compared to copper cables, has higher speed, covers more users, and has higher economic benefits.

Smart Classroom Solution

Solution Support

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