Establishing a Visible Network Environment

Administrators in data centres need to monitor the network in depth to analyze traffic and risk detection since network traffic is intricate and complex. However, it is difficult to achieve network monitoring with high efficiency and low cost due to the limitation of equipment resources and network environment.

In Megnet network visibility solution, Network Packet Brokers are able to access each layer of network and divert traffic to the servers to complete real-time network analysis and proxy forwarding for special scenarios without taking up service switch resources, providing prerequisites for network optimization and flexibility.


Serious Signal Shielding

Blind spots in signal coverage, old equipment can't satisfy the rapid signal switching of terminal equipment.

Low Pressure Capacity of Old Equipment

Hard to operate conventional equipment in cold storage with low temperatures and high humidity.

Difficult to Manage the Network

Multiple networks are not interoperable, equipment errors can not be discovered in time.

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Network Visibility

Network monitoring is visualized to sense network threats in real time. Possess port marking and time stamping functions to clearly monitor forwarding delays at each layer.

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Future Scalability

Not only focusing on the current network scale, but also conducive to future network expansion. With the proxy forwarding function , Network Packet Brokers can achieve more operability at message forwarding.

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Architecture Reliability

MLAG active-active access onside ensures high network reliability. Side-by-side Firewall and NPB access designs to guarantee network availability.

Warehouse Wireless Network Connectivity Solution


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Solution & Benefits

High-definition display

4K ultra-clear display, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, and high touch sensitivity to meet the teacher's daily writing.

Excellent classroom experience

Through the 4K video all-in-one machine, remote students can also integrate into the classroom and enjoy fair and equal educational rights.

Convenient management

The audio and video all-in-one machine is a USB device, which only needs to be connected to the power supply, and there are basically no additional maintenance costs.