Common Challenges Encountered

When encountered earthquakes, fires and other force majeures, local data backup cannot fully guarantee the integrity of backup data, which will fail to meet the client’s needs for the availability, synchrony and security of the service system and increase the cost of network repair and reconstruction.

Service Continuity

The absence of a disaster recovery system poses a significant threat to ensuring business continuity and reliability.

Network Stability

Problems such as network latency and network packet loss seriously affect network service stability.

Management Mode

Traditional devices only support the single management mode.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Solution & Benefits

High Stability

Support redundant backup for OLP, power supply, NMU, etc. When the local backup center network fails, the remote disaster recovery center can quickly take over the user's service. For network operators, it can improve risk tolerance and network reliability.

Low Latency

Ultra-large capacity transmission, MS8100 series can be expanded to 40CH x 10G DWDM system. The minimum delay of a single device is 1us. For users, they will not perceive network failures. It can improve users' online experience.

Simple Operation

Easy to operation and maintenance, support multiple management modes, such as CLI, Telnet, SNMP, FCP MS. Support failure alarm, data visualization, real-time optical layer performance monitoring and online optimization.

Smart Classroom Solution

Solution Support

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Solution & Benefits

High-definition display

4K ultra-clear display, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, and high touch sensitivity to meet the teacher's daily writing.

Excellent classroom experience

Through the 4K video all-in-one machine, remote students can also integrate into the classroom and enjoy fair and equal educational rights.

Convenient management

The audio and video all-in-one machine is a USB device, which only needs to be connected to the power supply, and there are basically no additional maintenance costs.