Common Challenges Encountered

With the upgrading of network applications, some end users have put forward an urgent need to increase access bandwidth. To that end, XGPON/XGSPON develops rapidly, and its development not only improves the network capacity and performance, but also has good compatibility and flexibility. Therefore, the optical modules are expected to meet the coexisted rate requirements and are less affected by environmental factors, as well as work stably in extreme weather.

Expansion Challenges

Customers hope that there are a variety of cost-effective optical module product types to support different link budgets and different numbers of supported users of the ODN network that has been laid.

Coexistence of GPON & XGPON/XGSPON

Continue to provide GPON access services for users unwilling to upgrade to XGPON/XGSPON within the same ODN network. That is to say, use the optical module to realize the coexistence of GPON and XGPON/XGSPON.

Harsh Environment

For outdoor deployment, the impact of extreme weather must be considered, and the product should be designed to support industrial temperature.

Combo PON Solution

Solution & Benefits

Easy Scalability

Provide corresponding optical modules for ODN networks with multi-level link budgets and splitting ratios, making network upgrades more flexible.

Smooth Upgrade

Support the coexistence of GPON and XGPON/XGSPON within the same ODN network to achieve smooth network upgrades.

High Bandwidth

XGPON/XGSPON support up to 2.5G/10G uplink respectively, which can support a variety of services with requirements for higher upstream data rates.

Smart Classroom Solution

Solution Support

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