Common Challenges Encountered

As small enterprises and campus network continue to grow, the demand for bandwidth and traffic will gradually increase. Traditional optical modules cannot meet users’ network upgrade requirements in terms of scalability and maintenance efficiency.

Waste of Cable Resources

Many customers abandon traditional cable deployment and adopt fibre optic solutions when rebuilding networks. The original cables cannot be reused, resulting in a waste of cables.

Lack of Scalability and Flexibility

As the network upgrades, the speed transitions from 100M to 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and up to 10G. Traditional optical modules cannot meet the requirements of multiple rate applications and achieve flexible upgrades.

Low Maintenance Efficiency

When checking for equipment malfunctions in optical modules, a lot of information needs to be collected. In addition, fibre patch cables are prone to breakage and dirt, which increases maintenance intensity.

Video Surveillance Solution for Chain Store



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Improving Cable Utilization Rate

Fully utilizing existing copper cable resources in the network to complete network construction, reducing the deployment of fibre optic cables. Reduce investment costs while ensuring normal network construction.

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High Flexibility and Scalability

The adaptive Ethernet module supports 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G rates. It can work at different rate modes according to the customer's bandwidth requirements, without the need for frequent replacement of modules, providing high flexibility.

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Simple Maintenance with Low Cost

Compared to conventional optical modules, the absence of complex DDM information makes it easier to troubleshoot. There is no need to use expensive optical instruments for troubleshooting, simplifying operations and enhancing operational efficiency.

1G and 10GBASE-T SFP+ Modules Solution

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Solution & Benefits

High-definition display

4K ultra-clear display, long-term viewing does not hurt the eyes, and high touch sensitivity to meet the teacher's daily writing.

Excellent classroom experience

Through the 4K video all-in-one machine, remote students can also integrate into the classroom and enjoy fair and equal educational rights.

Convenient management

The audio and video all-in-one machine is a USB device, which only needs to be connected to the power supply, and there are basically no additional maintenance costs.